Why Fertilize?


 We have many fertilizer programs available to fit our customers’ budgets. Whether you are looking to get rid of those unsightly Dandelions or want to have the best looking lawn in your neighborhood, we are here to help. All of our fertilizer applications are applied by granular particles that will promote color, thickness, and overall lawn health. Listed below is what we recommend to ensure the best looking lawn around. 

Spring Treatment



  • Early Spring – The early spring application promotes spring green up and recovery from winter stress. This application may include preventative crabgrass control pending on ground temperatures. Broadleaf weed control is applied as weather permits
  • Spring – During this period of the year a balanced fertilizer is applied to promote color, thickness, and overall lawn health. Weather pending, this application may include preventative crabgrass control. Broadleaf weed and surface feeding insect control applied as needed.
  • Late Spring/ Early Summer – The summer heat can significantly stress your lawn without preventive care. Fertilization prepares your lawn for the weeks ahead. This application may include treatment for weeds and surface feeding insects. We take this opportunity to assess for early stages of disease and insect infestation and notify the customer of unusual observations.

Summer/Fall Treatments



  • Summer – During the harsh summer months your lawn needs continued fertilization. This helps it fight handle caused by drought, disease, and insects. This application includes a blended slow release fertilizer and assessment for signs of weeds, surface insects and disease. Customer notified of unusual observations.
  • Late Summer/Early Fall – This application is designed to encourage recovery and green up your lawn from the stress of summer. It is during this time that signs of turf damage caused by insects and disease appear. Recommendations to treat these conditions are made as needed.
  • Late Summer/ Early Fall –This fertilization treatment is designed to promote recovery and green up from summer stress. While summer may be on its way out, we continue to assess your lawn health and inform you of any changes that have taken place as a result from insect/ disease damage.
  • Fall/ Late Fall – Cool temperatures require continued fertilization to help your lawn recover from the stress of summer heat. This application continues to feed your lawn through the first hard frost of the year helping to prepare it for the winter months ahead. This application ensures a good start up in the spring.