Turf Pests



Grubs – White grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles, European chafers, May beetles, June beetles and other scarabs. Most white grub species have a similar life cycle: adults emerge from the ground, breed and lay eggs between June and August. Eggs hatch into tiny grubs that begin feeding near the soil surface. The best time to control grubs is when they are young and feeding near the soil; it becomes more difficult as they become larger.

Control – Our grub control application is applied early enough to catch even the most anxious grass eaters. And it lasts all season long!



Moles – Moles can devastate a lawn. They burrow vast tunnel systems just below the surface as they search for food wreaking havoc in a matter of days. These tunnels appear in your lawn as raised lines, which twist and turn randomly in the yard. The grass above the tunnels will eventually die out, leaving unsightly streaks of dead grass. Unfortunately, there is little you can do to prevent moles, but once they show up they are easily eliminated with treatment.